Glassine Bags for Seeds

Our glassine bags are the perfect choice for preserving and protecting these tiny packets of potential life. Whether you prefer open-top bags for easy access or peel and seal bags for added security, we offer a range of stock sizes to suit your gardening and seed storage needs.

Environmental Friendly

Our glassine bags are eco-friendly and recyclable, reflecting our commitment to sustainability. Crafted from renewable wood pulp, these bags are biodegradable, making them an eco-conscious choice for preserving and protecting nature's promise.

Why Choose Glassine Bags for Seeds

Natural Elegance: Glassine bags exude natural elegance, making them an ideal choice for storing seeds. The semi-translucent material adds a touch of sophistication to your gardening endeavors while allowing you to easily identify the contents.

Protection and Preservation: Our glassine bags are thoughtfully designed to safeguard your seeds from moisture, light, and other environmental factors. These bags ensure that your seeds remain viable and ready for planting, season after season.

Versatile Sizing: We offer a variety of stock sizes to accommodate various seed quantities and types. You can choose the perfect size to fit your gardening needs, whether you're storing tiny herb seeds or larger flower seeds.

Open Top Bags: For convenient access to your seeds, our open-top glassine bags are an excellent choice. They allow you to easily dispense seeds while keeping them organized and protected.

Peel and Seal Bags: When long-term storage and security are a priority, our peel and seal glassine bags offer peace of mind. These bags come with a convenient adhesive strip to keep your seeds safe and secure during storage.

Customisation Options

Personalisation: Personalised branding options are available, allowing you to create a unique packaging solution that reflects your gardening style.

Colour Options: While glassine bags are traditionally white, we also offer natural (brown) glassine paper which can add another layer of sophification.

Custom Sizing: In addition to our stock sizes, we can create custom-sized glassine bags tailored to your specific seed storage requirements.

Ideal for Seeds

Home Gardeners: Our glassine bags are the perfect solution for home gardeners who want to keep their seeds organized and viable for future planting.

Nurseries and Seed Companies: Ensure your customers receive high-quality seeds by packaging them in our glassine bags. These bags protect the integrity of your seeds while presenting them in an appealing way.