Glassine Bags for Wax Melts and Soaps

Discover the perfect packaging solution for your exquisite wax melts and soaps with our premium Glassine Bags. Crafted to enhance the presentation of your handmade products, our glassine bags are both functional and visually appealing. Whether you prefer open-top bags for easy access or peel and seal bags for added security, our range of stock sizes has got you covered.

Environmental Friendly

Our glassine bags are eco-friendly and recyclable, reflecting our commitment to sustainability. Crafted from renewable wood pulp, these bags are biodegradable, making them a responsible choice for eco-conscious businesses.

Why Choose Glassine Bags for Wax Melts and Soaps

Elevated Presentation: Glassine bags offer a touch of sophistication and charm to your wax melts and soaps. The semi-translucent material showcases the beauty of your creations while adding a luxurious feel to your brand.

Protection from Elements: Our glassine bags are designed to shield your delicate wax melts and soaps from dust, moisture, and external contaminants. Your customers will receive products that look and smell as delightful as the day they were made.

Versatile Sizing: We provide a diverse range of stock sizes to accommodate various quantities and dimensions of wax melts and soaps. Choose the size that best complements your product offerings.

Open Top Bags: For quick and easy access to your wax melts and soaps, our open-top glassine bags are an excellent choice. They allow customers to experience the fragrance and texture of your products before purchase.

Peel and Seal Bags: When security is paramount, our peel and seal glassine bags offer peace of mind. The adhesive strip ensures that your wax melts and soaps stay protected during transit and storage.

Customisation Options

Branding: Elevate your brand recognition by adding your logo or custom branding to the glassine bags. Custom printing is available, allowing you to create a packaging solution that reinforces your brand identity.

Colour Options: While glassine bags are traditionally white, we also offer natural (brown) glassine paper which can add another layer of sophification to your wax melts and soaps items.

Custom Sizing: In addition to our stock sizes, we can create bespoke glassine bags tailored to your specific wax melt and soap dimensions.

Ideal for Wax Melts and Soaps

Wax Melts: Preserve the fragrance and quality of your wax melts with glassine bags. The translucent material allows customers to catch a glimpse of the enticing scents within.

Handcrafted Soaps: Your artisan soaps deserve packaging that matches their quality. Glassine bags keep your soaps pristine and ready for use, with a touch of elegance.