Glassine Bags

Manufactured from a smooth, glossy paper, our glassine bags are air, water and grease resistant. Glassine bags are available in a variety of densities, however, the most suitable for all purposes is between 40–90 gsm. Most commonly used in areas of plant science for Arabidopsis seed storage, insect collection and photography. Suitable for use in other areas also, such as specialised clothing ranges and storing food. Easy to trace and identify – Our glassine bags can be manufactured plain or printed, dependant on your specific needs.

Did you know?

Our glassine bags are biodegradable and 100% recyclable.

Kraft Paper Tubing

As the globe is ever changing, we understand that your requirements for packaging will be too. Our kraft paper tubing is 100% recyclable and is the most economical and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic tubing. It is extremely quick, easy and simple to use. Each kraft paper tube is supplied on a convenient roll, with a 76mm cardboard core and widths ranging from 25mm up to 300mm. Paper densities range between 45 and 70gsm.

Cellophane Bags

Cellophane bags are a specialist item, that are used by a variety of industries, most commonly supplied to plant scientists and plant breeders. Our bags are highly recommended by existing clients within the plant scientist industry, for various uses.

Examples of use:

  • If a plant is coming to the end of its life, but still is somewhat green and actively growing, then one of our bags can be used to cover it.
  • Ideal for storing wheat and barley.

Good to know

Our bags are breathable, clear, non-tear, wettable/rapid-drying, holeless (glued).