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Glassine Bag | 65 x 160mm | Peel and Seal

Glassine Bag | 65 x 160mm | Peel and Seal

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Glassine is known for being air, water and grease resistant.
Our glassine pockets are eco-friendly being 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Our pockets have many uses and are ideal for: Wedding Favours, Confetti, Wax Melts, Stamps, Seeds, Jewellery, Prints and many more.

Below are our different bags types – Please check which bag type you are ordering.

Open Top – These are generally sealed by folding the top over and placing a label to hold it down. Labels not included.

Self-Seal – These have a pre-applied glue to the top and when folded sticks to itself. Please note the glue is coloured and therefore does show through the translucent glassine material.

Peel & Seal – These have a pre-applied adhesive tape to the top of the pocket. These can be peeled off and sealed by folding the top over.

Some of our pockets have an additional lip to allow one to fold over the top. This is shown in the product images.

*Please note if ordering a single sample, larger bags may be folded.

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